"please-dont-notice-i-left-one-vagina-censored-lol.jpg"  --> I trust the image name is self-explanatory ^^

That’s a relatively unusual share, this one. The sister of the male hero is a guitarist, and physically she stands out, with a gorgeous body in slutty gear (ok, so far it’s the norm) and really heavy makeup (something usually left behind by the artists, I think.)

Scenario-wise, against all my expectations, though the brother is evidently the one leading their little game, the sister isn’t mindbroken, tricked, lied to, manipulated or anything — simply, we get to witness the sexy time between a brother and a sister spicing up their time together. It’s good, better than I was fearing at first when I thought the story would end up in domination of some sort O_o

Thanks to Meow-TL (apparently an expert at hiding credits, lol) for this nice Ooshima Ryou share :)

By the same artist, I also share the great 204-pages long Love Bite, the uncensored version of A Body Blooming In Pleasure, In-Maniac and Our Family’s practice.

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