UWAAAAAAAAAAAA T____T It was beautiful ! And I didn't manage to cum from fapping because of the end T_T

Awwwww =)
There aren’t many mangas that I’d recommend to someone who hasn’t read hentai yet, like for instance Sei So Tsui Dan Sha (brace yourself, hentai is crazy and exhilerating, here’s some fine evidence) or Maka Maka (see : no tentacles, no rape, no mechas, no gangbangs, just girls and feelings).

I’m adding Believe Machine to that list.

This might be the BEST contribution to the hentai scene LustyLady00 and BlackRussian, from The Lusty Lady Project, have brought us so far. Thank you. Really. I mean it.

Awwww… I’m, really, really really really, in awe. In 138 pages, we have :
– LOTS of great happy sex with love, well drawn,
– numerous nice comic relief moments,
– a scenario successfully growing very ambitions – that’s incredibly rare ! -, starting with a female robot starting life at a RandomHentaiJoe’s place (the typical kind guy seeking affection to share)
– an intelligent deus ex machina device (usually, that’s a trick to hide the scenario was a failure, not here), and, lastly,
– a beautiful, oh, very beautiful, sentimental, sad and yet heart-warming, ending. (If you were fapping, please finish your business before you reach the final pages – just saying, tears don’t make a good lubricant.)

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(77 MB, 138 pictures, English)
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Lie down. Try not to cry. Cry. A lot.