Berry Ecstasy [English, Complete, 204 pictures], by Towa Oshima

will you like the scenario ? I wonder

Berry Ecstasy isn’t the average lovey-dovey hentai manga – it is far more interesting, will you like it ?

This isn’t really happy sex, but not unhappy sex either… How to say… I usually like to say that sex is much better when this isn’t just the mere satisfaction of a physical need, but also a soul-to-soul connexion, right ?
Well, Berry Ecstasy deals with the kind of sex that has gone beyond the satisfaction of physical needs, however the soul-to-soul connexion turns into a 404 or 501 error, it fails to work correctly. Either because your partner’s mind is sealed to actual human feelings, either because of extreme narcissism.

It is VERY interesting, but I cannot tell if you’ll love it ! Thanks to 4dawgz for this manga, a real “adult” story with complex ingredients (and not just porn) is good from times to timesĀ  :)

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