Bleh, cum dumps ¬_¬ (Reload the page if the picture doesn't show !)

Without preliminaries, here is a new complete English hentai manga, does that count as a good surprise ? ;)

This manga is worth being shared, definitely, however, I’ll have to give you a fair warning about it before you read it, just in case

My warning, simply : this manga is about women loving to be cum dumps and thoroughly enjoying the sex they have.

However, to love being a cump dump, it requires to be already fucked up in the mind.
You’ve been warned, that’s the tone of the manga, light fucked-up-ness as most h-girls are (no, honestly, to screw your brother, your mother, the neighbour on a whim or let loose on school grounds while there’s 350000% of chances of being caught and expelled : it requires being lightly fucked up in the mind, if you’re frank about it), or heavy fucked-up-ness.
I chose not to skip sharing a completely translated h-manga with a small amount of objectable elements (the second before the last and the last chapters sucked really hard, while on the other hand the before the last chapter, though a bit shocking, was a good “literary” idea), but, well… Don’t expect too much, OK ?

english hentai english hentai english hentai

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english hentai english hentai english hentai