that ass ! that ass ! MY EYES !

I’ve been disappointed with Mogudan’s change of drawing style (like, what, ten years ago, massive tits + waist expansion), and because of that, I occasionally gave up on sharing translated releases by this artist.
Well, this time I’m trying to catch up on these occasions, I gathered everything I could find in English by Mogudan, that I wasn’t sharing yet on Hentairules, into a BIG pack :)

Say, if I’m still missing something, you’re welcome to share a link ? Thanks !

These works are : Ayanami 3 Preview Edition, Ayanami Dai Kai 1, Ayanami Dai Kai 2, Ayanami Dai Kai 3, Ayanami Omake Hon, Bonus Book 1, Bonus Book 2, Chou Soreyuke Melfina-san, and Omake Hon Soushuuhen Sono 1.
I guess I’ll be missing credits, but at least, thanks to Ayane, Imari and Nemesis, and Saha !

Another note : Ayanami 3 Preview Edition has the best censorship on Earth. Just try fapping to the smiling face of Ayanami :D Read it, you’ll understand ! :twisted:

(Remember to view the updated list of all Mogudan’s works on Hentairules)
If you don’t know Mogudan yet, the ONE thing you must ABSOLUTELY read by him is the Rei 1-5 serie…

english hentai english hentai english hentai
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