To be precise xD
(“My semen, to be precise“, hu hu hu, always laugh at this point ^^)

I love immensely the hentai works by Udon-Ya, like Maid Bride, but I also have an immense respect for the artist’s Monhan No Ero Hon serie, there is not only excellent hardcore sex, there is also such a great care for details, for costumes, for so many little things… And it was stunning to see how much the artist’s talent has improved from “just” good to “fucking awesome” ;)

So, in short : I made a repack or the nine volumes :)

Zip Link #1 – or – Zip Link #2 – or – Zip Link #3

To download or browse separately the volumes, cf those links : volume 1volume 2volume 3volume 4volume 5volume 6volume 7volume 8volume 9 :)