Moving. Touching. Human. Beautiful. And FAPFAPFAPFAPFAPFAPFAPFAPpable

A strong woman, in a painful situation. Acting tough, and yet, soft inside, and desperately needing someone else to lean on. Sex is not the main point, it’s more like the icing on the cake – and yet, it was VERY good sex :shock:

I strongly recommend you this manga :) You can cry to this, smile to this, exult from this, fap to this, as you like ! :D
I’m extremely grateful for the Fuwafuwa team, formerly known as Hei And Yin !

OK, OK, it’s not The Glass Menagerie yet (damn you Tennessee William, it’s one of the most beautiful and painfully sad books I know, it was played first in 1945 and 67 years later it’s still not in public ownership domain, retard copyright laws), but I loved this story, and the contrast between the strength to live, and the inner fragility of the soul, as fragile as a piece of glass, with the moment when the dam holding everything inside shatters…

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