So, osmium is the densest metal on earth. While our hero is the densest human on Earth.

You’re going to hate the male hero. All of you. Vanilla fans as well as netorare addicts :D He is not just thick, dense, he’s denser than Osmium. He’s totally oblivious to the obvious, and he lacks the determination to pursue what is right under his nose even when he understood it is here :D And yet, he IS the male hero ^^;;
On the other hand, the female heroine is cute, blushing like mad when she’s forcing her nature to reach out to the male hero, aww =)

Add to this a deus ex machina process (a pair of friends), happy sex with love and plastic toys, drawings that are damn cute and well drawn but who are frigging cursed with too heavy white hole censorship, and you’ve got Birthday X Present, I hope you may love it :)
And thanks, a LOT, to Edmx from Team Genesis, thank you very much man :)

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