There was a little Yamatogawa touch, I thought :)

OK, first, the main argument : graphically, this is rather nice, with a faint Yamatogawa-esque impression ;)

As for the credits, we owe this nice little “almost gem” to Desu and Gray Fox, thank you very much, you two ! :)

Do you care for a summary ? In a hurry then : a mysterious girl doing advances on a local boy of the same age, what could it mean ? Something big !
… I’m sorry I can’t tell you much more, I had ideas of witty descriptions, but it would have resulted in making you a big spoiler wasting part of your reading and discovering pleasure…
(I didn’t say the scenario was awesome, just that it was relatively original and felt good to read)

english hentai english hentai english hentai

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Bonus pic (source) : holidays at the sea as they would have been if God had existed :