I updated my blog’s search system, you know, that field in the upper-right corner.
The search results are the same after you’ve pressed Enter. However, there are now “find as you type” results, à la Google Instant Search.

Despite only showing the first 10 most recent results, you can refine them very easily, just press new keys, try new keywords.
I believe that should make searching much easier and faster for you all, offering you more opportunities to find whatever you like :)

Practical test : I only found two results while searching for “m*ind br*eak l*oli r*ape ew” (I add * or else there will be a third result ^^), I failed at cornering Nagare Ippon’s latest tank with only horrible terms, dang :D

(But I still hope you’ll occationally dig my hand-extracted “nothing found” pictures ^^
And don’t forget the Firefox Hentaiweblog Plugin !)

What do you think of it, is it helpful, or do you see bugs, or see it as an annoyance ?