There's nothing like a gangbang before a defloration

The story looks like it’s about rape, and so did I think at the beginning, – but I got much more interested in the end, it’s much deeper and much less hardcore than it first looks.
Read it, you’ll understand, it hope you might appreciate it – I did :)

I don’t know who to thank for the translation, would YOU know ?

english hentai english hentai english hentai

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Now, a remark.

However, I really wouldn’t want this simple remark to be read by persons who haven’t read this story yet.

Simply said : I like a lot this idea of “saviour girls”, saving bad boys with a non-rotten core with their bodies and their warm heart. Would you have recommendations, to find more works of that kind ?
I can think of Wise Ass for instance, but it’d be even better with works I haven’t read yet :lol: