Sex. A load of misunderstandings :D

Usually, to share an ecchi manga, I wait until it has been completely translated. But I just discovered Bousou Shoujo, half-translated at the moment, and there’s no way I’ll wait even a single day before I share it with you guys, this is full of laughing moments ! :D

A few examples ? A revolutionary way to envision the Titanic movie, with Leonardo ยซ Dickaprio ยป. a frigging HOT DOG BUN REVERSE RAPE ! :shock: Crazy dick head censorship. A courageous baby horse comparison. And more ! :3

Thanks a LOT, really, to BigVinny, Gari and Kuropon, from Solaris-SVU :)

The heroine of Bousou Shoujo is so desperate for sex (even though she doesn’t realize it consciously, of course) that she misunderstands absolutely everything, certain that a certain boy is out to rape her.
So, she sticks to that boy, indulges in quasi-sex with him to let out his imaginary rapist urges and save her vagina (for fear of a catastrophe, something that incidentally solves the mystery of the abundance of dickgirls in the hentai world). She makes every possible most absurd choice in order to defend her purity, and it’s hilarious :D

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