Maybe my soul would be worth the visit of a succubus ;)

There are TONS of things to love in Brandish =)

The humour (less than in volume 1, but still), the never-giving-up character of the stubborn heroine who wants to have sex with the Male Hero kicking her ass at first sight, and, on top of all, the excellent drawings will with passion and energy, it’s a marvel :D
The scenario evolves well, I’m shocked to say the developments are making it interesting ! o_O There will be a volume 3, some day.

Thanks a LOT to Saha, added to the previous volume, this makes two memorable tanks :)

This is a continuation of Brandish Volume 1.
To remain impartial, some points were less cool : a larger “hentai rape” part than before, taking almost 20% of the manga I think – the rest is excellent happy sex. And a loliconish girl who’s bound to ravish the lolicon fans, even if I personally wish she weren’t present in the manga :-/ But hey, I wasn’t going to cut her off, was I, so you’re warned.

english hentai english hentai english hentai

english hentai english hentai english hentai

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