I wish real nurses were like that :D

When AceOneTwo announced he started taking commissions, and announced a discount price for the first customers, I seized the opportunity and commissioned him this short Shiwasu No Okina work. Thanks a lot man, and I hope YOU, dear visitor, will like Camii Dock :)

(For MUCH more stuff, cf. The list of all Shiwasu No Okina”s Works !)

english hentai english hentai english hentai

Fast summary : a female student, a softly masochistic female nurse in love, penis slapping ( is that the new fashion ? o_O ), a well-built macho male PE teacher (much less of a jerk than you could think if you don’t read the ending, but still a jerk), and an “anal onahole pipe model” (WTF I know ^^). This is very well drawn oral, vaginal and anal rough sex – I’ll insist : just rough, not brutal, rape or SM :)

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I’m saying it just in case, don’t you think this manga looks very easy to decensor ? Hmm ? :3

Now, another remark, just in case the ending looked quite obscure for you, it took me 3 attempts to understand it clearly and get a better picture of the story. From what I understood, the PE teacher just recently made his proposal to the nurse, and they’re discussing formal arrangements for the ceremony, with full family agreement and mutual love.
In this regard, this makes the whole story much softer than you could first have thought : OK, the guy is still a jerk, and the nurse must be missing a few millions of neurons to enjoy penis slapping and the mere presence of a guy boning a student next to her, a jerk at that, but still, this makes it much more consensual, as if she simply has a masochistic fetish.

That was Oliver’s analysis of the facts for the 7 persons who read this post past the download links.
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