Thanks a lot to 2Hip for the compilation !

Guys, girls, we have to be very thankful to 2Hip, here :) This noble soul recompiled a lot of chapters from spare sources, worked on by various people, in order to compile here the complete Candy Girl manga, by Shiden Akira. 2Hip, thank you so much :)

As for Candy Girl, I think the proper expression is : GOOD SHIT SPOTTED !! :twisted:
Graphically, this isn’t top of the crop, but still good art, with mainly petite teen girls, having oral and vaginal sex, and for most of them having delicious mischievous grins on their faces :twisted:

This manga is made of single chapters (save the one against which I have to adress a negative warning, a 3-chapters long loli, around the end), with every time an uncomplicated scenario leading to happy carefree sex chapter. There’s just one chapter that’s been better than the other, the one with the tanned cousin by the seashore, it had a strong mono no aware background feeling, and if kinda moved me. (If you want to read a REAL and GREAT manga based on this Japanese notion, mono no aware, I’ll never find good enough words to recommend you to read Yokohama Kaidashi Kikou.)

The credits are longer than of usual, blame 2Hip for not allowing a single piece of information to be lost, haha. All thanks are due to Pricken (Candy Girls, My Little Sister’s Friends), Desudesu (Naughty Upskirt Angels), Revsiak (decensoring of Naughty Upskirt Angels), SirC (Chinatsu’s Sea~Chinatsu no Umi, My Neighbor Wakui-san, Masegaki Education), Ghost55 (decensoring of Masegaki Temptation, Masegaki Satisfaction), Takehiro (Masegaki Temptation), Anon (Masegaki Satisfaction), H9E (decensoring of Masegaki Education, Garudere), Yoroshii (Garudere), Cgrascal (Mamakon), Nayr (decensoring of Mamacon), and, in a very small scale, me (levels correction on Mamakon, it was so dull and grey it was irritating.)

By the same artist, I also share At The Mercy Of Winter (Fuyu No Manimani), the Re-Edited version of Tiny Boobs Giant Tits History, Jittoko Park and Netorirare.

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