Id have also pwoo'ed :Dd

« Gorilla dick is the best ! <3 »
« Brush my teeh with your dick ! <3 »
« Don’t get ahead of yourselves, guys… You aren’t raping us, we’re the ones who are raping you ! »
(Soviet russia style ?)
No doubt, Sanagi Torajirou has inspiration for the dialogues, and his characters, one way or another, aren’t the boring type :D

Now, regarding the whole manga, I have terribly mixed feelings. There are great things. And also lame things. The manga is made of 3 story arcs, the first starts real bad and ends in a “meh, whatev, all fine then ?” manner, the second is netorare with an ending beyond bad or whatever, while the third is also beyond words but is funny and ends following the badass route. I think I should still recommend it, at least you won’t be bored.
Graphically, wooooh, my eyes ! O_O Ahegaos, lots of ahegaos. Twintails, lots of twintails. Splendid girls with incredibly lustful faces, everywhere. Great oral. Vaginal. Anal. Outdoor sex. Group sex. Swimming pool sex. School sex. Except for the ahegaos, there’s tons of highly worthy materials to enjoy :shock:

So ? Go for it ! :D And thanks a lot to Psyburn, Fuke, Makasu and Watisit, from Funeral Of Smiles, Little White Butterflies, and Fuke Translations ! :)
I offer two versions of this manga, the original 124 MB version, and also another one, downsized to only 66 MB, half smaller, for the persons with bandwidth issues. Enjoy ! ^_ ^
By the same artist, I also share Utakata Omoi chapters 1-2 (complete !) and Asobare Dear Sex Friend (200 pictures)

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