There's a huge preconception in this story, but apart from that, the sex is good

I can’t say this is my favorite work by Redrop (quite the opposite, actually), but this is still Redrop Quality, meaning happy sex and a cute girl :)

Apart from that, I hope you like Star Wars, Cgrascal’s unique translating style, and cheerleaders !

Congratulations if you understood the Star Wars mention, I’ll explain below ^^
(Fore more ReDrop, Cf. the list of ALL his works on Hentairules !)

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Actually, there’s one thing that pissed me off with this hentai work, but I didn’t write it on top, I have a strong feeling I’ll be the only person pissed off by something like that :D

You must know how irritating it is, that a woman having sex with lots of men is a slut who will be booed, while a man having sex with lots of women is a womanizer and he will be acclaimed. And my impression is that the present story is entirely filled with this preconception.
This is supposed to be a sad story, about a girl making the great sacrifice of not having a boyfriend, but insteadΒ  chosing to reward the boys of her baseball team when they deserve it. Guess how. – Fuck it, why can’t she make it as an extra and have a supposedly happy love life with a boyfriend ? See the idea ? Woman sexxing lots of males Equals Woman of low social value and unworthy of love. Bleh.
Oh well, I guess I’m overthinking things, as of usual :D

And if you wondered, the Star Wars reference was pointing at the lightsaber censorship method =)