Happy Sex, Tsunderes, Smiles, Big Tits, I'm in HEAVEN !! :D

With my thanks to Yqii and 4dawgz, I’m glad I can share Cheerism with you guys, this is an EXCELLENT english hentai manga :)

I have rarely seen a manga so loaded with hilarious comedy dialogues and unexpected events, I kept on bursting laughing :lol:

The drawings, as for them, are very good too. Everybody’s smiling, girls have huge tits (and are titfuck goddesses), boys are thin and nice to girls, there is close to zero censorship, so your eyes will be thanking you for downloading it too ;)
There are lots of great things I could comment. For instance extreme tsundere (of – barely avoided – death) girls, a moving romance chapter with an even greater wet shirt, two blonde twin teen tsundere schoolgirls (*pop* *pop* – can you hear blood vessels exploding all around ?)… Just read it, OK ? :D

(By Ed, I also share 2 short works, they’re cool too)

english hentai english hentai english hentai

Read the rest of : Cheerism [English, complete Tankoubon version, 227 pictures], by Ed (78 words)