BUNGEE JUMP, WHOS COMING WITH ME ! - hey, is that an iceberg ?!?  -OH SH-

– Let’s say drawing too large tits is “going overboard”, OK ?

– Here, this level of huge tits, this is more like getting a full-deck’s length running start, dashing as you never dashed before, and making a bungee jump from the top deck of the RMS Titanic. “Going overboard” is child’s play in comparison.

Hmm, where were we, already ? Oh, right, a description. Brother-sister first time wincest, huge unnaturally-holding boobs, and strictly no scenario to mention. If you like the drawings, then I wish you a good read and whatever must follow suit :D
Oh well, at least I laughed ^^ Thanks to whoever did the scanlation :)
By the same artist, I also share Hanekawa-san No Chichi Doujinshi

19390262_0riddikulus_www.hent.jpg 19390264_0riddikulus_www.hent.jpg 19390266_0riddikulus_www.hent.jpg

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