I STRONGLY recommend you that manga :)

Another GREAT share ! :shock:

Chichimonogatari is a good manga, full of funny surprises and, also, of great sex :twisted:
I have no idea who’s really behind this release, save Doujin-Moe’s Raikoh, thanks to all the persons who brought it to us ! :)

Almost every chapter is a new story, and, every time, it’s amusing and original. We discover a devilish soapland, meet a lazy god trying to get rid of a guy with sexual prayers, a candid shape-shifting alien, a cellphone female impersonation (« Hah ! Let’s seen an iphone do this ! » – I thought I was dying here)… and much more :D
Graphically, the censorship is unnoticeable, the sex is very energetic and hardcore (oral, vaginal, rare anal and DP), and this is never forced or deranging sex, save two gender bender chapters.

All in all, my advice : GO FOR IT, MY DEAR HENTAI RULES PERVS ! :D
If it can help, I also provide an alternative Zip link, twice smaller.

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(183 MB, 199 pictures, English)
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And if 183 MB was too large for you, would you be interested in a recompressed version (without a loss of quality visible to the naked eye), this time only 74 ?
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