good drawings based on an hilarious scenario :)

Cute picture, heh ? Even now, married with a happy sex life, I’m still dreaming to hear that some day v_v

*cough* Anyway. Here’s a very nice short hentai story by Maybe (in original Engrish it was Meibii). (By Maybe, I also share Virgin Cram School Instructor [English], take a look !)
The drawings are very good, the girl has a face to die for, the hentai scene is good, and even better, the story is based on an hilarious crazy idea :D Imagine, a girl too shy to confess her love to you, asking a friend (what kind of a friend is that ??) to tie her up and stack her up in a carton just before your front door :lol: – Please, don’t miss the excellent ending !

english hentai english hentai english hentai

Read the rest of : Chick In The Box [English], by Maybe (also known as Meibii) (72 words)