The balance of power between genders is too biased for me to enjoy most of the stories of the manga

I feels like a long time since I last shared a complete manga, tank version, by Tsukino Jyogi, so thanks a lot to Yoroshii, Phantom and SirC ! :)

Forget about the enormous censorship you’ve seen in my recent Tsukino Jyogi shares ! Some chapters of this book were previously already translated in English, but they were based on the prepublication magazine versions (meaning there was much, much more censorship, and the picture quality wasn’t as good, this time, this is good !)

There is no hentai rape, no hard rape, the sex IS consensual. But god, I hate this idea (present in a majority of the chapters, and in most of Tsukino Jyogi’s works) that penetrating a woman is enough to make her cum plenty, and creampie-ing her makes her an instant sex-addict, usually a sex slave.
Not ALL stories are like that, but almost.
Sometimes, there’s a good balance between male power and female power (like the first and last chapters of the book, they were the best in my opinion), but most of the time, it’s all male-power-takeover, and frankly, that style is lame. I guess it must be ensuring good sales with all the young male teenagers lusting after unreachable older women, but I can’t love it.

(For much more stuff by this artist, Cf. The list of Tsukino Jyogi’s works…)

english hentai english hentai english hentai

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english hentai english hentai english hentai