Thank you, China

<– Yes, China invented handjobs.
Thank you, China. But Japan beat you 4k years later, inventing onaholes. Owned.

OK, here’s a short work by Kenshi Kishizuka, and I’m torn between pleasure at the good drawings, laughing my ass off at the story, facepalming at incest, and fear that this might be a new rewrite.

For this story ALSO has a rewrite, by a certain Ezrewriter (who’s harmed the Cause of scanlation more than any other idiot), but this isn’t Ezrewriter’s version, it seems it is REALLY a translation. Well, I hope, frankly, I’m not 100% positive. So PLEASE, if you know the whereabouts of my share, share the info with us !

(For more works by Kenji Kishizuka, Cf. the list of ALL his shares on Hentairules)

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