That picture... LOL !

<– This image made me laugh, hard, so hard, looool ^^ It reminded me the “ZOMG, it’s an aids sprinkler !! from Tifa’s hilarious rewrite !

This is a sort of UFO :lol
This share combines some of the most genuinely Japanese stuff I’ve seen in non-hentai mangas, with the addition of porn, so to say.
We have
– the special undescribable Japanese humour (if you want to see its weirdest style, you may wish to read Gintama, or Sket Dance in its later chapters – the beginning sucks -, once you get used to this weird humour, it’s delightful),
– 4-komas (4-panel light humour manga pages, don’t you miss Omake Theater while you’re at it),
– and the usual feeling of oddity when you’re confronted to something typically foreign, even when you think you understand, you’re, well, you’re struck. I don’t say it’s unpleasant, I just say this is unusual !

Graphically, this is good, scenario-wise, this is comedy+vanilla. I hope you’ll enjoy this :)
Credits are for Rookie84 and Palaxius, thanks you !
My other Takenoko Seijin shares are nothing like that. These other works are You Are Just A Maid, When You Let Go Of my hand (almost entirely uncensored version) and Falling Rain.

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