Doesn't that girl remind you of Uma Thurman, in Pulp Fiction ?

It’s SO nice when a kinky fetish isn’t imposed by the strong on the weak. When both sides of a couple share the same fantasy, however kinky it is, it feels great :)

Here, this is soft S&M play (nothing big, dildo play, risk of exhib, dominant and dominee), it’s happy fully consensual sex, and it’s drawn with great talent :)

I made a bonus picture in the name of lol, just cropping a funny panel ;) Funnily, that one was drawn on the same page as the great other one I used as big preview pic, just above, that’s a nice contrast, huh ? (And don’t you think that she looks a bit like Uma Thurman in Pulp Fiction — OK, a bit plumper, and noticeably more porn-oriented — in the picture above ?)

By Jun, I also share More Of Less Love, the uncensored version of It’s Mikawaya, Take Your Mark, Purity Before After and Through The Wall, a neat and uncensored One Piece doujin

english hentai english hentai english hentai

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