Carefree sex : YAY ! :D

An 18 years old boy, at the peak of his sexual desire (but my personal note : ladies, don’t miss the chance or look down on men in their early thirties : as much energy, much more experience and no more inhibitions :twisted: ), gets to live with 3 lively women, a martial arts practitioner (violent but sweet inside), a dominatrix nurse and a dominated uni. teacher. Lots of combos follow, with happy carefree sex :)

Various women join, and it’s all good, no questions asked, that’s the bliss of carefree sex, anything goes as long as everyone agrees ^^

(Well, to be more accurate, two chapters start with girls not having fully consensual sex at first, but then, the male hero’s huge cock saves the day and it ends up well.)
Thanks a lot to Tadanohito and his kind donators :)

By the same artist, I also share My Mom The Sexy Idol volumes 1 and 2, Futa-Bo volume 1 and Futa-Bo volume 2.

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