I’m recycling the contents of that post :)

Dear readers, here is a typical First World useful suggestion :
charity gifts !
(If “First World” isn’t familiar, open this and try not to laugh too hard)

Last time, for my birthday, and today, for christmas, I had a problem : I needed nothing. No clothes. No electronic stuff. No books or music (the only ones I like are the ones I find myself.) I was content that it was an opportunity to party, but I needed nothing. And as a liberal person with strong green convictions, painfully convinced our ever-more-consuming drive is leading to nothing but catastrophe (trees don’t grow as high as the sky, guys, and besides gas, petrol and uranium, even several all-uses minerals won’t last two or even one century), I hated the idea of receiving useless junk.

Then the charity gifts option became obvious – when we discovered its very existence !

The money your friends or relatives decide to spend on you is not used to buy useless junk for you, but, to the contrary, it is given to be spent on charity relief actions across the globe, and you are offered proof the money was used, in your name, for this, or that. That proof can take the form of a nice christmas card.

The vaccination of x people, digging a water pump in a village, funding enough to educate children for a whole year (cheaper than an ipad !), whatever.

Maybe for you it is no news, but for me and everyone around us, it was… genius ! No more waste, and, I tell you, you feel much happier your gifts are making a big difference. Between receiving a new jumper you didn’t need, and the idea a village finally had a water pump, that peasants were helped buying non-GMO crops, that children could receive education thanks to you, for the same frigging price, what would make you the proudest, the happiest ? :)
Maybe you too you could think about it, if you’re surrounded with useless junk already ?
Cf this, or that, or that, etcetera…