I only have one regret, there is no anal sex ;)

With a TON of thanks to Setebos The Hentai Bringer, Calsifer, Afro Thunda, Leopark and Desu², here is the complete and awesome Chu Berozu manga, by Fueta Kishi, with, as bonus, an uncensored chapter :)

By Fueta Kishi, I also share the uncensored version of Cherry Blossom Nude.

Chu Berozu is full with high quality happy sex scenes, passionate sex, very hardcore, with ecstatic faces, good affection expressions, it’s a feast for the eye :) Scenario-wise, each chapter is an independant story, and each story pleasantly mixes very hardcore sex with sarcastic or cliché humour. I highly recommend you to read that one :D

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Around the last third of the manga, you’ll see that some pictures exist in two versions, typically picture152.jpg and picture152ucensored.jpg.
This is the chapter that has been uncensored. That was a problem for me : there were the tank scans, censored but with great quality, and the magazine scans, of lower quality but decensored. I resolved to offer you the two versions of each of the pictures available in a decensored version.