Haa, Boshi and the BJs ! He's a master !

– This might be one of my mast favorite things with Bosshi, the amazing way he draws full-color blowjobs :3

Allright, so, about this share : I repacked everything there was already, of various sources, of the Chu Chu Cherry manga. Thank you so much, Yoroshii and Ryuu No Tamashii !

(And, hey, if you want to read the rest, don’t forget these two are taking commissions, huh !)

I’m in a hurry but I can’t skip an explanation : most probably, you’ll notice you’ll have seen some of these chapters ? Normal, the japanese publishing market works like that, first magazines, then tanks, read this if this is still unclear to you !
This is a mix of native tank versions (only for the chapters 1-2, YAY the blurred zone censorship is replaced with fully detailed genitalia with just thin black bars, it’s way better) and of magazine-based translations. The chapters composing this repack were known as Sakuranbo 1-3, This Is A Carefree Daycare, Nuru Nuru Oily Beach, and Poor Ojou-Sama 1-4.

And despite the loliconish note in the beginning, this is excellent hentai :)

(MOAR ! For more of this, view the updated list of all Bosshi’s works on Hentairules)

english hentai english hentai english hentai

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