Kickass, heh ?

After my previous Yamatogawa Total Pack, this is now Gunma Kisaragi’s turn :)

This pack contains all the English-translated mangas and doujinshi by Gunma Kisaragi to this day (8th october 2010), I’m confident nothing is missing :)
Every time it was possible, the censored versions were replaced with their uncensored counterparts, and the good resolution tank scans replaced low/magazine scans whenever it was possible.

This is a large archive (534 MB, 1169 pictures, English), so I divided it into two parts, use winrar or 7-zip to join the two parts (simply right-click any of the two archives and winrar will offer you to “extract here”.)

Gunma Kisaragi Total Pack Download Links :
Mirrors #1 : part 1 – and – Part 2
Mirrors #2 : part 1 – and – Part 2

This pack contains :

Love Selection (277 pictures, full manga, january 2010 version with better tank scans, addition – not replacement – of 1 colorized and 2 uncensored chapters)
Giri Giri Sisters (223 pictures, full manga, march 2010 version with better tank scans for the first half of the manga)
Mai Favorite (214 pictures, full manga, Tank scans, uncensored)
Beauty Contest Rhapsody After Days (magazine scans, short story)
Curiosity Never Stops (magazine scans, short story)
Doki Doki Kousai Checker (magazine scans, short story)
Eriko, a Kimikiss hentai doujin
Hina Project (magazine scans, short story) (I have big doubts about this one, doesn’t it belong to another manga ??)
How To Create An Idol (magazine scans, short story)
Kozue Panic 1, an Ichigo100% hentai doujin
Immoral Girl (magazine scans, short story)
Iori, an I”s hentai doujin
Yuumi, a Kimikiss hentai doujin
Miss Contest Rhapsody (magazine scans, short story)
Ojoh (or Ojou), a Stellvia hentai doujin
Public Commitment Strict Observance (magazine scans, short story)
Kokuhaku, a set of Stellvia colorized hentai illustrations
Strawberry Panic volumes 1-2-3, three Ichigo 100% hentai doujinshi
Sweet Hearts Lesson 1-2-3 (Magazine scans, 72 pictures)