After my previous Yamatogawa and Gunma Kisaragi Total Packs, this is now Shiwasu No Okina’s turn :)

This pack contains all the English-translated mangas and doujinshi by Shiwasu No Okina to this day (9th october 2010), I’m confident nothing is missing :)
Every time it was possible, the censored versions were replaced with their uncensored counterparts. In the same way, the good resolution tank scans have replaced low/magazine scans whenever it was possible.

Please, if by chance it appears I was missing an English work, be cool, share the link to this in a comment :)

This is a relatively large archive (only 983 MB for 2769 pictures, after all : fingers in the nose ! :D ), so I divided it into 3 parts, use winrar or 7-zip to join the two parts (simply right-click any of the two archives and winrar will offer you to “extract here”.)

Shiwasu No Okina Total Pack Download Links :
Mirrors #1 : Part 1 – and – Part 2 – and – Part 3
Mirrors #2 : Part 1 – and – Part 2 -and – Part 3

This pack contains :

Blindfold Game
Sei So Tsui Dan Sha
JC Ecchi
Shining Musume Vol 1
Shining Musume Vol 2 version 2
Shining Musume Vol 3 version 2
Shining Musume Vol 4
Shining Musume Vol 5
Shining Musume Vol 6
Shining Musume Vol 7
Shiwasu No Okina, by Shiwasu No Okina
Camii Dock
DOA, Erobare 360 Doubutsu-sha
GTT Ganshago Tea Time (final version with cleaning of the second half)
K-On Bo Chou Eroi Hon Ga Dekimashita
My Wife Is A High School Girl
Pisu Hame 0
The Day Before The Saint Cherry Blossom Festival
Yuu Can Do It
The Overlook Shining Musume Character Pack Version 2