I call that an awesome share, no less =)

I thought to myself, the time for kickass fat packs had come :twisted:
Let’s start with ALL THE ENGLISH TRANSLATED WORKS by Yamatogawa.

I don’t promise you killer minute updates with every share, but I’ll try to maintain a fat pack for Yamatogawa and Gunma at the very least, updating it within a week when a new work comes.

As already hentai addicted persons with overbursting hard disks (aren’t you, hmm ? :3 ), you wouldn’t need it, but I’m certain newcomers into Hentai will appreciate this  :kickass:

So, this pack contains every English work by Yamatogawa to this day (sixth of october 2010). I’m confident nothing is missing :)

This was a large archive (639 MB, 1208 pictures, English), so I divided it into two parts, use winrar or 7-zip to join the two parts (simply right-click any of the two archives and winrar will offer you to “extract here”.)
Yamatogawa Complete Pack Download Links :
Mirrors #1 : part 1 – and – Part 2
Mirrors #2 : part 1 – and – Part 2

This pack contains :
Witchcraft (216 pictures, Full Manga, Magazine scans, Uncensored)

Witchcraft (212 pictures, Full Manga, Tank scans, Censored)
+ comparison materials with the other – better – Witchcraft version

Aqua Bless (219 pictures, Full Manga, Tank scans, Uncensored)

Tayu Tayu (220 pictures, Full Manga, Tank scans, Uncensored)

Taihen Yoku Dekimashita (216 pictures, Tank scans, Uncensored)

Power Play chapters 0-1-2-3 (90 pictures, Ongoing magazine scans, Censored)

Canvas (20 pictures, One-shot magazine scans, cen – OMG, there’s an old Yamatogawa that is still censored !)