A massive conversion weapon - to hentai !

If you need a mass conversion weapon, to convert people around you into hentai lovers, I think the picture above (full-size version) can serve well :D

So, with a lot of thanks to Blurk from Team Vanilla (yay, the great team expands ! ^^), here’s a story by Tosh, a popular artist. I’ll be frank, I’ve read better by Tosh, but still, there’s enough good things to make for an enjoyable reading (or whatever you like, I’m not getting involved !) session :)
Fast summary : boyfriend is a jerk, has sex with a woman dressed as a nurse, and next with his girlfriend cosplaying as a nurse too. Happy sex even if the girlfriend should kick some jerk ass in my opinion.

By Tosh, I also share lots of great stuff. On top of all, the excellent Menkui ! And, under another pen name (Hikakuteki Simple Na Panty), there is the very nice Nayamashi Quartette Volumes 1-3 (with the volumes 1-2 uncensored), as well as another average doujin. Oh, and there’s also Titties, Busts and (+Bigger) Racks.

english hentai english hentai english hentai

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A fast update, now that I think of it, this is a constat point in Tosh’s works, great faces. Like that other one, for instance :shock: