The title is still a mistery for me, at this point of the story o_O

Basically, this manga is about a young adult man who works for a rich house and falls prey to his mistress, and then to the daughter of his mistress. Of course, that guy is a bit girlish-on-the-face, of course he’s blessed with talent and a long rod :roll:

Still, I LOVE stories with man-eater women, devils in the sexy flesh :twisted:
Credits go to Dark Knight, great choice, once again ! ^_^

Don’t hope to read much more of Courtship Vector in the short term, I’ll warn you. Maybe, I said maybe, a third chapter (it already exists in Japanese) might pop in – and if so, I’ll gladly post it when the time comes. But the rest isn’t published yet (it comes from a monthly hentai magazine).

By the same artist, I also share the GREAT Pearl Rose, and a DQ doujin.

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