Superbly cute picture, eh ? CANNOT UNSEE ATTACK : let's delicately forget this is supposed to be a man, from the only gender bender chapter of the volume :D

THAT’s a good day, with Cute Devil Girlfriend, a complete volume by Hisasi :twisted:

Honestly, the scans aren’t good and this is quite sad, I don’t even think I could fix them properly. It’s a pity, those cute girls would have deserved better contrasts and better scans, to enhance their fine curves. Apart from that small disappointment (and save the too damn high number of x-rays), O, the joy ! Hisasi’s second tank, after Porno Switch !
We’ll see lots of cute teen girls having GREAT happy sex, sometimes with love, with minimal censorship, with very hardcore drawings showing quality vaginal sex, oral, and, on the rare occasion, anal ! Most of the stories (single chapters, there’s also one gender bender and one futa chapters, plus an angel, an elf, and more ^^) are plain and tasteless, but some of them are quite funny and original :)

Three of the chapters were available in their uncensored version (Angel Ring, Ai Shiteru, Tsun Devil), I joined them to my share. But… it’s… complicated… I’ll explain below.

But wait ! There’s more. Cf The list of Hisasi’s works on hentairules

Credits are for many cool persons : Dragonsaku15, Theindividualeleven, Kyle, H9E, Watisit, Makasu, Blurk, Risette, Gurumao, Nashrakh, Altereggo, Tornomer, and Afro Thunda, Team Vanilla, Little White Butterflies, and Doujin-Moe. Thank you so much, all of you ! :)

As I mentioned above, there’s something complicated with the uncensored versions of Angel Ring, Ai Shiteru and Tsun Devil.
They were made using magazine scans, while the complete volume we’ve got here is a tank (if needed, cf that explanation). Usually, tank scans are much superior to magazine scans, but, not today, today the tank scans were sometimes of inferior quality compared to the former magazine versions :(
That should have made me straight forwardly REPLACE the censored tank scans and use instead the uncensored magazine scans. That’s what I did for the Angel Ring chapter.
But it seems Hisasi has redrawn a LOT of stuff for the tank version ! So much that I had no right to replace one version with another, I felt. So, for the Ai Shiteru and Tsun Devil chapters, I kept the censored tank versions, and added, in the end, the uncensored version — you’ll judge and see what you keep for yourself.
Comparisons to help :
Angel Ring, censored tank VS uncensored magazine, cool, okay ?
Switch quickly between images, look, what the holy fuck, sersiously O_o :
Ai Shiteru, Magazine VS Tank; Tsun Devil, Magazine VS Tank

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And sorry I added so many preview pics. I really couldn’t choose which ones to keep or to discard ^^;;

One last note, half a note-to-self, half a note to help you guys update your collections, this volume gathers some works that were formerly known as single-story releases :
– Angel Ring,
– Katakoi,
– Tsun Devil,
– Sisters Ring,
– Onnanoko No Kimochi,
– Kenketsu Akuma, and
– Ai Shiteru