Sasagawa Hayashi proves himself to be one of the most talented mangakas

Maybe you’ll get tired of it, but as soon as Sasagawa Hayashi is mentioned, I lose all objectivity and start drooling :D

This time, it’s a “love at school once the female heroin saved the hero’s penis from the attention of the rest of the class schoolgirls” story. Scenario wise, it starts as a boring stereotype, before it reveals an interesting and well-thought ending (nothing exceptional, but at least, interesting). Graphically, this is good too, Cf the preview pictures ;)

A surprise : there’s a sexy male hero, cute face, great eyes, hot body. I swear I’m not gay, but I recognize beauty when I see it, and beautiful MEN are VERY rare in hentai mangas, now that I think of it o_O

By the same artist, Sasagawa Hayashi, I also share Hitomi’s Cherry Lips and HoneymoonFirst Love [Honeymoon being a prequel of it], Shiawase De Aru You Ni [English, 68 pictures, also a great moving and adult scenario] and, don”t even think of missing it if you haven”t read it yet, Virginal Communication [English, 221 pictures, short stories with less interesting scenarii, but faptastic art].
Oh boy, I’ll so much have to write a Redirection Page about all those links :D

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Read the rest of : Debauchery The Yamato Nadeshiko School Fair [English], by Sasagawa Hayashi (150 words)