haters-gonna-hate.jpg : that's a pretty good name for this share's preview pic, don't you think ?

My intuition apparently proved me wrong, this is not a Cgrascal release. Would someone know who’s to credit for this release ?

The story ? A woman, whose husband is away from work, is cheating on him with his boss, and talking to Captain Oblivious him on the phone while she indulges in sex with her partner. She’s hypocritically pretending to be lying to herself, pretending she’s doing it because she has to, but it’s very quickly obvious she’s cheating on him because she’s simply loving it.

I have an original and highly proffitable idea for the hentai mangakas !
– First, release a manga like the present share, depicting a fucking slut of a wife happily cheating on her oblivious husband.
– Second, ask for money donations, in exchange of which you’ll draw a second volume in which the husband :
> comes back buffed Rambo-mode,
> devastates the wife’s male partner with a baseball bat and leaves him with broken knees, disfigured and without a single tooth left, and then
> proceeds to hyperfucking his wife and then divorces from her, leaving her penny-less with all the neighbours informed she’s a slut.
I don’t know for you, but as for me, depending on the mangaka, there’s a chance I’d cough up the money :D

By Umekichi, I also share Comfort Nuns, Lustful Fencer Nanao, the Uncensored version of Sister Life, The Prized Masochist (50-60% hentai rape, it’s a full tank) and Sister Life (happy wincest).

13653325_00haters_gonna_hate_.jpg 13653328_00haters_gonna_hate_.jpg 13653329_00haters_gonna_hate_.jpg

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