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With a lot of thanks to Faytear, Gio, Highlow88 and Psyburn21, six months after the chapter 1, we now have the second chapter of Dere Nochi Torare, continuing the same original mix of humour and great sex :)

Short summary : super-hot girls do their best to flip the swith of the man they desire, and when that flip is switched, the man turns into a sex beast for a while.

Describing why I love a LOT this manga is particularly hard : I don’t say there’s nothing good, no. I say that I don’t find what it is that makes me love it that much, if you see the nuance. There’s definitely lots of great stuff, it’s just that I feel the effects without being able to describe the cause.
Oh, blast it, download it and enjoy, guys, with the releases speed you have all your time to find your own reasons to love it ! ^_^

You will find the chapter 8 of Dere Nochi Torare on THAT page. I discovered this very evening that my other share by the artist Carn did actually belong to the Dere Nochi Torare manga. The scanlator/editor aren’t the same, though.

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