And here is the second chapter of Devi Navi, an excellent hentai manga by Abe Norioka, translated by Desu, commissioned by me :) When I can read such FAPTASTIC translated hentai, I lose all regrets I’m bothering you with advertisements, it’s what money is about, it always end up with porn one way or another :D

This second chapter might be my most favorite in the whole book. It contains a rib-nuking sentai parody (HENSHIN ! – and read this, followed by that, if you didn’t know the term), a villain that is far too sympathetic for my own good and for me to hate him (I think I’d be far worse, if I were in his position :twisted: ), it also contains 3 very cute girls (one young teacher, one typical brune high schooler girl, and a tanned blonde kogal, student too).

This is hilarious, the scenario brings a great value added to already great sex :D
The sex, BTW. Almost uncensored, 100% happy NO mind-break (better precise it), all holes.

By the same artist, I also share the decensored version of Shake Hip, and if you managed to miss it, take a look at Shining Musume Volume 6, Devi Navi contains a trace of the same spirit…

english hentai english hentai english hentai
(HNGH!, the middle picture, could ANYONE not chose the smiling meganekko on the left ? :3)

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english hentai english hentai english hentai

(In the zip links above, I share the chapters 1 and 2 together, even though I had previously made a first post with just the chapter 1. – I believe that’s simpler, and not too big to download. However, if you want JUST the second chapter, feel free, you may download it here or there.)