Excellent ! I mean it : ex-ce-llent ! :D

Distance Between The Two features good drawings, as expected from Naruco Hanaharu, and, on top of all, an excellent scenario ! :woot:
Most hentai mangakas wouldn’t have thought of developing the storyline the same way, or would have been lazier with the “time stop” theme (sorry I’m not giving you a summary, it would end up in spoilers, you ought to read it yourselves). Here, we have lovey dovey happy sex, but also a dose of growing drama, worries, a tough decision to take, and a well-thought ending ! :D

That’s one of these hentai stories I won’t forget, even in the long term. Good job, really good job, thank you very much to Nikon and Raze from Unlimited Fap Works, you two made my day ! :)

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