aaaaaaaaaaargl... can't.... breathe...

Aaargl… can’t… breathe…  aaar… :shock:

I tell you guys, reading things like that make me think there is a possibility God exists, here is a brilliant new work by the Wet And Sloppy Style King, Yoshu Ohepe, I owe a lot of thanks to Setebos and Desu² :)

The menu includes 2 tanned teen schoolgirls, maddening teasing, aroused faces so cute anyone would lose all composure, a duo and next a threesome, with lots of liquids flying around *cough*

By Yoshu Ohepe, I also share Daisuki Da Yo [English, 199 pictures], and Aneki [English, 197 pictures], don’t miss those two marvels !

english hentai english hentai english hentai

Read the rest of : Don’t Call Me A Midget [English], by Yoshu Ohepe (72 words)