Just a short note about the 30 minutes long downtime you may have experienced with hentairules.net a few hours ago : don’t worry, it was just me screwing up and hurriedly fixing it as soon as I realized :lol: Whatever temporary bug or temporary offline site you may witness, rest assured I’m not closing hentairules.net, just allow me to fuck everything up when I’m bored, or when I make a mistake, i’ll fix it as fast as possible afterwards ;)

More seriously, trying to think ahead and seeing my traffic slowly grow, I’m testing various improvements on the code running hentairules.net, and I made a wrong manipulation a few hours ago, realizing it – and fixing it – only 30 minutes later.
Sorry for the inconvenience, but I must say that it may happen again in the future, who knows ! Just don’t panic and give me one hour to fix it, or email me in the worst case ;)

For instance, if hentairules.net works much faster or much slower than yesterday, please tell it in a comment, I made a few changes…