It must be the first time a share by Napata leaves me flaccid, but I reckon this is great stuff nonetheless

So, who’s in the mood for some pettanko action ? In my case, I’m more in favour of generous hips, voluptuous curves and round breasts, so, even if this is Napata holding the drawing pen, I’ll pass ^^;;

Mind you, if YOU dig pettankos (the girl is NOT a loli, let’s avoid confusions), Napata is as talented as always, this manga is full of vanilla, of gentle, caring, happy sex with love, and of cuteness :)

My gratitude goes to Fuke, from Fuke Translations, and Conan, for this share :)
By the same artist, I also share Ranko-ish, Please don’t call me nee-chan, Ever Since Then, House Sitting Plan, The Promise, My next door neighbour Yamasaki-san, Together Forever, Becoming Your Cat (Uncensored version), Miss Sage Level 14, and a pack of 2 other works, Introvert Little Sister + This Is Very Frustrating. All of them are of the finest vanilla hentai quality :D

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