If you need fapping materials, the chapters 1 & 2 are of olympic quality

And now, a second girl joins the fun, a brunette with long sleek hair, a nicely curved back, average-sized breasts, and a relatively cute face. I’m ingrateful, if the two previous chapters didn’t display an absolutely fappable-to hot blonde girl (just remembering her… HNG ! GNI !), I’d have called that third chapter “great” ! :lol:

Strongly recommended :) This was requested and done by glorious 4chan anons, thank you SO much ! :) By the same artist, I also share The Princess Of The Sleep, and Baka-man, a kind visitor, left a comment to recommend Shoujo x Shoujo x Shoujo
(The 3rd preview pic just below, I made the pictures joining myself, if you got this manga elsewhere, please at least grab my joining ^^)

english hentai english hentai english hentai

If you need a summary, in short, the heroine is some sort of magician, able to read minds, and she decided, for unknown reasons, to turn the male hero’s life into pure Heaven. She makes herself invisible, provides him the power to see through girl’s clothes (he’s in class, and it’s like he’s the only male in the classroom), and proceeds to giving head like a hardcore addicted to cock professional during a whole lot of pages, HNG!
And then, during the second chapter, sex with her follows, she smiles mischievously, has sex in a lot of positions while keeping half of her clothes on (it’s even hotter), she’s just perfect – HNG!
And finally, in the chapter 3, she gets the second-best cutest girl of the glass jump to the boy’s cock. Hng.

(I’m sorry, I’m running short of time, so even though I previously shared the chapters 1-2, I’m sharing today the chapters 1-3 as a whole, to save time.)

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english hentai english hentai english hentai english hentai