This is oh so HIGHLY fappable :3

The manga Dorei Usagi To Anthony is now complete, with the release of its 7th and final chapter. Just go for it, this is SIMPLY A.WE.SOME ! :shock:

A clarification if needed, there is the story arc called Dorei Usagi To Anthony, during the chapters 1-6, about a certain girl and Anthony, her magical rabbit. And then there’s the chapter 7, with a totally unrelated story, completing the manga volume (tankoubon) called Dorei Usagi To Anthony. Okay ? ;)

This is an interesting manga, with an original scenario relying on magic and childhood memories, and with TONS of GREAT sex, with a lot of girls !
I was growing worried the manga became a boring harem story in which only the satisfaction of lust mattered, but fortunately  chapter 6 brings everything back on track, vanilla, mystery, love and magic, with sex being more than just copulation. YAY ! :twisted: And the chapter 7 brings two other hard-boiled girls, not bad at all :3

By the same artist, I also share Beautiful Girls Club 0-1-2, The Princess Of The Sleep, Shoujo X Shoujo 1-3 and Shoujo X3 hentai video episode 1,

Graphically, the heroine’s burning-hot blonde twintails supple body will remain forever carved in my memory, and the other girls aren’t bad either. The artist really overuses the x-ray style (I added a certain meme-based pic in the end of the chapter 6, about it…), fortunately all the non-X-ray pics are really fappable, there were many breathtaking moments, there’s lot of drawing talent :)

My most grateful thanks are for Gullinbursti84 for the chapters 1-5, Hentai2read for the super-shitty initial release of the chapter 6 followed by the much better version brought by TsundereX, and finally Runan92, Conanak99 and Azu-tan from VLTrans for the chapter 7, great job everyone ! :)
The reason I’m late in sharing this manga is that I didn’t know about TsundereX’s version, and there was no way I’d share a shitty version of the final chapter.
I used TsundereX’s version and applied a good levels correction (beforeafter) to make it visually better. I think there’s also a pair of pics I joined in the beginning, honestly I don’t remember.

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And if you already had the chapters 1-6 (they’re making the complete Dorei Usagi To Anthony story arc), as I shared them not so long ago, you may want to have just the final chapter 7, to make the manga volume complete ?
Sure, go ahead ^^
Chapter 7 Zip mirror #1 – or – mirror #2 – or – mirror #3
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