shota incest illustration, heck, that looks good ^^;;

My thanks to Raoul, from Brussels, who sent me the link this manga. Complete english hentai mangas are so rare, I’m grateful :D
Let’s warn you at once : Doutei Kaikin is a 100% shota hentai manga, and more than 50% of the scenes are incest-based. Logically, there is no scenario at all, sometimes it’s funny, sometimes it’s just useless chat before the fuck begins… Fortunately, the graphics are nice, as good as ever with Juan Gotoh, if you like that artist :)

For more stuff by the same artist, there is Virgin White Book [English, 207 pictures] and Magical Girl Melon [English]

english hentai english hentai english hentai

Read the rest of : Doutei Kaikin [English, 204 pictures], by Juan Gotoh (483 words)