Penisnails. Let’s go with it. Or rather, let’s not go with it, YUCK, BEHIND MOON HOW TWISTED CAN YOUR IMAGINATION BE ???

A side note, I recompressed the pictures, reducing the zip’s size from 92 MB to 56 MB, without any visible loss in image quality, if you’re brave of heart enough to read this manga, take those spared megabytes as a gift.

By Behind Moon, I also share Dulce Report 1-14 (Complete story, if one may call it a story instead of a pil of unfinished junk) (and those metal rings in the end of the present share are terribly similar to things in Dulce Report, hmm hmm), Futanari Erection Girl, Juden-Chan, a pack of 5 works and a Marimite doujin.

I’ll give you that, the stories created by Behind Moon are always
– hardcore futanari drawn with great talent
– extremely creative and original
But the creativity, the originality, come at a high price, this quickly becomes super creepy with psychotic themes and deranging ideas _

Oh well, I gave my warning, for the rest, it’s up to you. Just don’t get too close to the next snail you see IRL, you never know. Or if you get close, crush them without pity before they transform you.
Credits are for Saha, Dark Nemesis and Makasu, thanks for the hard-boiled futa fans !

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Seriously, if you want non-fucked-up futa action, try Rate