Ain't she cute, as a tiger-nekomimi ? ^^

I’m sorry, I must confess I’ve been selfish with Dragon Pink. I had already read the chapters 1-3, in French, several eons ago. Back to the present time, Dragon Pink, in good resolution pictures, started being scanlated. And I decided to wait until at least one more English chapter was released to download and share the “being newly released” English translation – this way, me too, I would also have new stuff to read ;)

And there you are, with Dragon Pink chapters 1-4, released, with a LOT of thanks to them, by C7n888 and SuperShanko, from e-hentai :) Dragon Pink is one of the most classical Hentai Mangas of Olde, featuring several traits that we’ll see in more recent productions. Plus lots of humour. Plus a tiger-type nekomimi, yay. This is also a “hentai RPG”, it reminded me of some old Game Boy games, like Final Fantasy Legend 1 ^^
There’s fun, there’s good drawings, the pictures are in good resolution (around 1600 vpx), it felt really good to read it :)

By Itoyoko, I also share Safety Lodging House Utopian, Cute And Lovely Bust Nurse, the funny Erobato Fuka, Slave Girls, and the – frankly hyper lame – He is My Brutal Master 1-4.

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