Not a sister despite the words spoken. Too bad, or fortunately ? ;)

Girl catches boy sniffing her gym clothes. Girl sucks boy’s cock to get his scent, seeing in this a perfectly regular trade.
The hentai world is wonderful.

Thanks a lot to Takehiro for the translation, and to Pastafari knows who for the decensoring :)

The drawings are good without being exceptional, and the same can be said of the scenario. And yet, I kinda liked this one, maybe a matter of personal feelings (you should know by know I’m a sucker for “vanilla” stories) :)

A note for the ladies ? The male partner is kinda cute, a girlish and yet sorta virile face. Well, ask a girl or a gay if you really need good judgement on a man’s face and body (I used to have a gay friend, the way he described men as appetizing meat packs made me blush and feel horribly ashamed at the idea I could speak about women like that ^^;;), but I think that guy isn’t bad.

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