Graphically, a total feast. Scenario-wise, maybe you'd better run away, screaming and flailing your arms above your head

Yuzuki N Dash, as a hentai artist, is no stranger to mindfuck plots, and Sister Control might be the most mindfuck-esque piece of hentai I’ve read in a long time :shock:

Save two chapters in the end (one of them was already known as Ane Ni Matabi) dealing with happy uncomplicated sex, the whole manga is a full story arc featuring sister-brother incest, an asshole of a brother, hypnotism, rage, scenario twists, yandere, more mindfuck, mind breaking, and an ending that left me hanging. Argh. Jackie Chan disapproves.
On the other hand, there’s no denying the drawings are nothing short of SUPERB and extremely hot, Yuzuki N Dash is an excellent artist, given with both inner genious and a very polished technique born from serious work :)

Credits are for Dammon (the chapters 1-6), Desu and Palaxius, and, in the end, Job Truniht and Qbtranslations. Thanks to you all :)

(MOAR ! For more stuff by this artist, Cf. The List of Yuzuki N’s Works on Hentairules)

I added bonuses, provided by a kind person called Kilswitch. He contacted me to share with everyone an “improved” version of some of the color pictures. He took these improved pictures in the Chinese version of this tank (they were printed better and looked much better), and he re-edited them back to English :)

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